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Charge All Your Devices 4x Faster*

QuickChargePro is a revolutionary charger engineered to combine the fastest charging technology with updated, tested safety features. Charge any of your devices, including fast-charging devices from older generations and let the intelligent current recognition identify your device and deliver the correct amount of power. Perfect for your adventures.


QC 3.0 technology is 4 times faster* - Go from 0%-70% in 35 minutes.


Charge all of your devices at once (Phone, Tablet, Lapotop, etc).


Intelligent Current Recognition ensures your devices won’t overheat, overcharge, or short circuit.


Clean up clutter and use all 4 ports for fast charging at one time.

Full Spectrum Surge Protection

Don’t worry about frying your devices or electrical short circuits with QuickChargePro. Built-in surge protection prevents overheating, overcharging and short circuiting.

Intelligent Multi-Current System

Need a charger that can power up multiple devices at once? QuickChargePro charger can simultaneously run 4 devices, so you don’t have to unplug and replug each one. The charger detects the unique output needed on each port, and adjusts to those levels of current needed.

Favorite Travel Companion

Take the worry out of your travels with the most powerful and fastest charger on the market. QuickChargePro is here to save the day. In addition to charging all your device 4x faster than any other charger, QuickChargePro will also save you space for all your travels and thus become your unavoidable favorite travel companion during your adventures.

Keep your devices charged and your desk clear with only one charger. Forget the mess and get organized, charge all your favorite devices four times faster than before.

With most people having several electronic devices, this often leads to not only a mess of wires, but fire hazards as well.

Quick Charger


Standard Charger


QC 3.0 Technology

Treat yourself to the future of wireless charging. Our latest fast-charging technology can give your more than 25% more power in 35 minutes, compared to QC 1.0 & QC 2.0. That's enough juice to fully charge your smartphone 4 times faster than before.

Smart Integrated Circuit (IT) Technology

Our QuickchargePro is smart enough to identify the type of device plugged in and adjust the output to provide the precise amount of power needed for a full charge. Once your device reaches full charge, QuickchargePro will stop the flow of power, keeping your device safe from overcharging.

4 Adaptive Ports

This charger is perfect for your tablet, Kindle and even your speaker! Take advantage of the QC 3.0 fast-charging port or fast charge on all your devices. And don’t worry about running out of power – there’s room for three more devices to be plugged in at once.

Frequently Asked Questions

QC 3.0 Technology

Charge your devices 4x faster – all it takes is 35 minutes to charge from 0% – 70%

Smart Integrated Circuit (IT) Technology

Detects your device and delivers a maximum output of 3.1A – it won’t overheat or blow up your phone.

Backwards Compatible

QuickChargePro not only works with modern QC 3.0 technology. You can also plug in older generation devices with QC 2.0/QC 1.0 for fast speed charging.

4 Adaptive Ports

The port on the top automatically recognizes QC 3.0 fast-charging devices like your smartphone, and the other 3 ports support both fast and standard charging devices. Those are great for your tablet, Kindle, or speaker.

100% Safeguarded

Surge protection protects your devices all at once from overheating, overcharging, extreme voltage, or short circuiting.

Fully Compatible

You can even charge non rapid-charging devices like the iPhone 11, 8/8plus, 7/7plus, 6/6plus, Samsung Galaxy S10, S9, S8/S8 Plus, S7, S6 Edge, Note 9, 8, HTC, LG, tablet, Motorola, or MP3 player.

High-Quality Fireproof Materials

Made with high-grade, hazard-free materials to ensure your safety and eliminate the risk of dangerous sparking.

Save Space

Put away all the ugly clutter. Now you can charge up to 4 separate devices with only one wall plug.

Save Time

Spend less time waiting for your phone to charge, and more time living your life!

Take it anywhere!

Fits inside your handbag, laptop bag, and pocket. It’s also fully compliant with TSA travel guidelines.